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Urban Recovery

The Dangers of Vaping

What people do not seem to realize, is that they are quitting one bad habit for another one that can be just as harmful in different ways.

Urban Recovery

Urge Surfing

Urge surfing is a cognitive coping practice that you can utilize when an urge hits you. Practicing urge surfing can teach you to cope with the thoughts, cravings, and emotions that you experience during your episode.

Urban Recovery

Smoking And Recovery: More Than a Harmless Stereotype

When we enter recovery to stop our drug and alcohol habits, why do we not address our smoking habit too?

Our Message


It begins today. In fact, it’s happening already.

The road to recovery begins by imagining a life without addiction. Perhaps you or a loved one has lived with substance use for too long. Perhaps, the people closest to you are telling you that you're out of control and you need to address it. Whatever the case, you can re-vision your life with wellness at the core.

that’s what urban recovery can do.

Why Choose Us

Nestled in the heart of the city, Urban Recovery is right where you need it to be. Right where we can do the most good. Allowing treatment to unfold in ways that other rehabilitation centers cannot match. Seamless and as individual as you are.

  • Providing a continuum of care that aids in transitioning you back into your life.
  • A unique approach that doesn't seclude you on an island or a desert, but, rather, includes your family with support and education.
  • By integrating each family into UR care at an early stage, we equip you and your loved ones with the tools you need to navigate recovery.

That's what UR can do for you.


What our clients are saying

A Mother’s Testimonial:
Dear Denise and the entire recovery team,

We are tremendously grateful to you and your team for all that you have done for our daughter L. and our family. From the moment I spoke with you Denise, I felt your compassion for our situation. All along these last several weeks, you all went way beyond our expectations! We’ve been to many high- end treatment centers and NONE, I mean NONE can hold a candle to Urban.

The consistent degree of commitment from your staff was remarkable. Everyone we met seemed to have a sincere desire to listen and help us. I have a special place in my heart for Jared. He was incredibly communicative, honest and supportive to me. His realism and positivity truly helped me to put some things in perspective in ways that I hadn’t considered before. As for L, I believe her time with Urban has provided another dimension to her road to recovery that seems so much more hopeful. She seems so much stronger in her ability to utilize the many tools and strategies that you all offered her. Your program is very, very special. I cannot believe you got her to quit smoking! Miracles happen at Urban. Please know it would be my pleasure and honor to speak with other families that are considering taking their loved ones to Urban – it’s the best decision they can make.

Many, Many thanks and I’ll be praying for the Urban Team always,


“Lee FitzGerald is a shining star who came into our lives during a time of absolute darkness. Our adult son was destroying himself with drugs and alcohol, and was in a rapidly deteriorating downward spiral of ever more serious consequences. He had resisted all attempts to help, and all offers of treatment. We felt helpless and hopeless. Lee spoke privately to our son, in a manner that resonated with him. She recommended an excellent facility that was acceptable to him. He later confided that her words were more convincing than any he had heard before. He actually entered residential rehab following that conversation. We are happy to report that our son is now in his eighth month of sobriety and recovery. Lee has been with us, and with our son, throughout the recovery journey.”

Susan and Fred

“Lee FitzGerald has been an integral partner and incredible resource in working with our family and our child dealing with depression, body dysmorphic disorder and substance abuse. She knows how to diffuse very hot situations into effective conversations to create a game plan with simple goals, one step at a time. She has been available to us and our child 100%. Her dedication to helping us all and going the extra mile is impressive. I highly recommend Lee FitzGerald as a trusted advisor, a compassionate and down to earth advocate and resource for anybody and every family struggling with a loved one’s battle with depression and addiction.”

“I do know that I couldn’t say enough! You are a true gift! Compassionate, responsive, and professional describes Lee. After nearly 25 years of our daughter suffering from addiction, tearing apart our close family, and surviving a near fatal automobile accident, we needed to escape our lives of chaos and find help. Lee was always available and understanding of our daughter as well as for us, the parents. She encouraged us to take care of ourselves, yet never gave up hope for our daughter. She never stopped exploring options and communicating with her fellow professionals to find help for our family. She is well connected in the recovery world. She will work endlessly to find answers and solutions. Lee is a true gift. We are so grateful to have worked with her.”

Sheri's daughter Lauren

“When I came to Dr. Bruce Singer, I was a broken person who thought my life was over due to alcoholism.  Through his teachings and insight over the course of the month, I went from rock bottom to seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Today I am over 5 years sober and grateful for a second chance at life.”

Lauren Z.

“Six and a half years ago while languishing in my self inflicted hell, I was blessed to meet Dr. Bruce Singer. I was a patient at a rehab in Connecticut who knew everything and certainly didn’t want anything to do with Dr. Singer. Well, as it turns out when I finally surrendered after five or six days, he turned out to be my single handed savior. Yes Bruce Singer saved my life with his knowledge, understanding and so much compassion! He introduced me to mindfulness which has so affected the quality of my life. If I can put it in two words…………. THANK YOU”

Jonny P.

“Accompanied by his parents and his AA sponsor, my 34-year-old son checked into Urban Recovery just two months ago and finally admitted to having a serious cocaine habit.
From the moment he arrived; to the day he left, he was treated with kindness and respect.
When I asked Denise Bertin-Epp, Urban Recovery CEO about what made this rehab special, she had told me that they treat addicts with love. And that love was apparent throughout my son’s thirty-day stay.
Most important and especially valuable, with knowledge of my son gained during his stay at Urban Recovery, a perfect next option plan was recommended for my son’s step-down recovery treatment.
Urban Recovery fulfilled all my expectations and was a tremendous help for my son, and our family, to begin the process of recovery together.”


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