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Healing & Recovery  
in an Urban Setting


Our mission is to provide the highest caliber of addiction treatment that facilitates the foundation of recovery for each client and family that we serve. Urban Recovery is an exclusive healing and rehabilitation center for residential treatment, utilizing an integrated urban setting model of care.

Healing starts wherever you are.

Evidence-Based Continuum of Care

World Renowned Family Program

State of the art Medical Protocols

Newly Built and Designed Building

About Urban Recovery NYC

Urban Recovery NYC is an upscale rehabilitation facility under development in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The facility will provide residential treatment services for individuals recovering from addiction. The program differentiates itself from current high-end alternatives by combining the benefits of the traditional 12-step program of recovery with individualized care that is innovative and cutting edge. Urban Recovery is groundbreaking in its approach to individualized care by understanding each person's needs and implementing truly customized recovery...


Studies demonstrate that those suffering from addiction have better outcomes when they remain local and close to family. Compared to the rest of the United States, NYC is lacking high-end addiction rehabilitation facilities for individuals seeking recovery in New York City. Traveling great distances to the desert or a distant island or the beaches of California often leaves the family out of treatment and fails to prepare an individual for the triggers they will face in their own environment at home in the City.


Urban Recovery is a 30-bed, first-rate residential rehabilitation facility for self-pay clientele with a 6-bed intensive stabilization and detoxification unit. What makes us different? Our approach to treatment is as unique as the people we serve. We take the time to understand each client’s needs and implement a customized treatment plan to support recovery, rebuild self-efficacy, and improve quality of life..


Our program includes research-driven one-to-one therapy, educational lectures, process group therapy and the utilization of outside clinical experts as part of the targeted therapeutic experience. Urban Recovery subscribes to a holistic approach as well, and clients will receive wellness support in the form of nutrition, exercise, music, yoga, and acupuncture to assist with post-acute withdrawal.


A passionate management team with extensive industry experience joining with industry leaders and a leading multi-disciplinary team of Doctors, Psychiatrists, Therapists and Nurses. These top professionals are committed to a residential model focused heavily on individualized care.


Our state of the art facility is located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Clients will enjoy comfort, compassion and privacy in a setting that feels like home. Amenities will include serene outdoor space, art and music studios, a business suite, as well as a fitness center and yoga studio.


Opening 2018



Revolutionizing Recovery

Assessment and Treatment Planning

Each client admitted to the program receives ongoing personal multidisciplinary assessment services administered by a professional staff and updated by the treatment team throughout his or her stay.

Individual Counseling

Each client works closely with his/her therapist to gain insight into the root causes of an addiction while developing continuum care strategies to achieve measurable behavioral changes that can create positive and sustained outcomes.

Group Counseling

The power of a group is undeniable, and our therapists will lead daily process sessions to assist each client and the group in general to work through thoughts and feelings as they emerge in real time.

Education about Relevant Self-Help Groups

Group Counseling and Educational Groups introduce residents to the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Clients who choose the 12 Step path will participate in on-site and community self-help groups.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins from Day One, and individuals will be referred back to trusted providers or to appropriate alternative care based on individualized treatment needs and other life domain issues.

Medication Therapy and Medication Education

Individuals may receive medication as prescribed by our physicians and psychiatrists within the course of their therapy, and this will always be done as part of a shared decision-making approach to health and well-being.

Family Treatment

Urban Recovery administers group family therapy to treat clients’ substance abuse problems through addressing issues in a family setting. Family therapy works to promote successful problem solving, communication and understanding between a client and family members as it relates to symptoms, treatment and recovery.

Crisis Intervention

Clinical emergencies involving clients are handled immediately and responsively, and through other community resources when necessary. Immediate interventions will be handled by Urban Recovery's experienced staff except when a hospital emergency room visit or 911 call is required.