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Posted on: October 16th, 2019
Vicky Robinson
Vicky Robinson

Vicky Robinson, MS, LADC, CSAT, EMDR has been a licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor since 2012. She is the co-owner of Refine Counseling and has been working in private practice since 2012. She specializes in trauma based treatment for substance use and intimacy disorders. Her practice centers around individual, group and couples counseling as well as interventions, disclosures, relapse prevention, two week intensives and EMDR therapy. Vicky is in long term recovery and hopes to help other families heal from their hurts.

“We are friends of Urban because of the professionalism, level of integrity and the clientele that they treat. They communicate well with the client, family and referent. The facility is beautiful, state of the art and provides all the comforts of home.” – Charles and Vicky Robinson

Refine Counseling
Refine Counseling

REFINE COUNSELING provides professional, licensed counseling for couples, marriages, those struggling with alcohol, drug, and prescription addictions, as well as abuse, trauma, PTSD, enabling and /or codependency issues. 

Our carefully chosen team of therapists brings you the collective support, experience, and expertise of a team of counselors to assist you and /or your loved one in going from complacency, crisis and chaos to wholeness, fulfillment, and purpose.

For those whose employment or finances does not allow inpatient treatment, we offer a personalized individual, &/or family recovery program through our Refinery Intensives 

We also offer family interventions and personalized recovery plans to provide support, education, accountability and real-life tools to work toward a life-time of sobriety.

While several of our counselors are Christian, we welcome all faiths as well as those who do not claim a faith. We are all on a journey to wholeness and we are all in this life together, therefore, it is our desire to work with all races, religions and lifestyles.

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