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Whether you are suffering from substance addiction – alcohol, opioid, cocaine etc. – or a behavioral disorder – such as gambling, anxiety, codependence etc. – the residential treatment center at Urban Recovery is here to help. Our world-class staff understands the ambivalence around recovery and believes in treating the disease of addiction on an individual and community level.

Every client undergoes a 10-day assessment to provide a 360 degree evaluation from a psychiatric and medical perspective. By understanding the clients history, their family dynamics and day-to-day trigger points, we create their customized path to recovery.

Unique Approach

At the heart of Urban Recovery is a value-based approach that focuses on self-acceptance and self-love. Our experienced staff works with clients to reconnect with what matters most to them and to help them find their true norm. The capacity to have a treatment center near New York City, that has never had a primary inpatient detox and a residential treatment center for an affluent population, is beneficial to those requiring local, clinical expertise.


Recovery Hurdles

Because we are located in Brooklyn right next to New York City and Manhattan, we do deep immersion work with our clients – by attending with them to their apartments, neighborhood, place of work etc. – to discuss the trigger points and create a post-discharge safety plan. We utilize in-house protocols of response prevention, such as virtual reality and biofeedback, to reduce stress before exposure to the stressful environment. We also help our clients move from a safe place at Urban Recovery to their home life with a greater sense of independence and responsibility.


Customized Treatment Plans

At most treatment centers, they may have one path for all clients of various conditions. Because of the gifted team we have, we have the capacity to customize pathways for the individual and their family regardless of whether they have been to treatment before. We work to get to the root cause and come up with an adaptive plan for each individual. Our recovery consultants will conduct an assessment diagnosis of up to 10 days and then may encourage our client to stay in residence for 35-90 days. During this time, the client will participate in detoxification, medical stabilization, psychiatric evaluations, career consulting and integrated family therapy based on the terms in their treatment plan.


Experienced Staff

Our clinical expertise is world-renowned with the least experienced individual having been in the industry for 12 years and our most senior staff at 30 years. Urban Recovery’s treatment team has experience in a wide variety of modalities including EMDR, CPT, creative arts therapy, consulting, psychiatry and more. We offer a variety of treatment types outside of the traditional 12-step programs as seen at other facilities. Meet our amazing team and learn more about why we are unique.



Admission starts with you calling or emailing our front-desk and requesting to talk to a member of our leadership team. From there, you will discuss what your needs are, what you have been struggling with and what your pain points are. If you are comfortable, we will then request for you to come in for a tour of the facility to decide whether this is a good fit for you. No one leaves Urban Recovery without a referral so if you decide to seek treatment elsewhere, we are happy to forward you to a few treatment centers or we will talk with your primary care physician to determine next steps. If you decide to stay with us, you will undergo a 10-day assessment and will participate in multiple kinds of evaluations to get a proper diagnoses and develop a customized treatment plan.




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