At Urban Recovery, the eclectic setting is part and parcel of a creative and contextual approach to improving spirituality. Addiction is characterized by an intense mis-connection to the substances, behaviors, or relationships of concern. Family, work, and even our own relationship with ourselves may reflect this spiritual dislocation. Healing involves repairing connectedness to one’s self, to others, the natural world, and to our meaning, purpose, and values, however we understand them.

Each client receives an individualized spiritual assessment that contributes to the overall treatment plan. You will be given the opportunity to experience meditation and prayer with others in a rich and celebratory environment that is also deep and healing. Community, contemplation, religious observance, art, music, nature, diet, and physical wellness provide different entry points based on preferences and needs.

Recovery programs of various sorts, historic wisdom traditions, and more contemporary practice-based approaches are all part of the UR spirituality toolkit. Local resources combine with individual consultation and varied activities in treatment to sculpt a trajectory for spiritual wellness that looks beyond the residential phase to become a part of a new way of living.

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