Adjunctive Services


Urban Recovery offers a variety of adjunctive services to help make the patient’s time here as pleasant and productive as possible.


Build harmony between your body and mind. Our qualified Pilates instructors will guide you through exercises that release tension, build strength, and help develop control of the entire body.

Yoga Wellness Planning

Yoga brings with it many restorative powers. At Urban Recovery we offer a large space for yoga and some of the best instructors New York City can provide. Finding your center is a great way to accept your “broken pieces” and move to a place of wholeness and peace.

Fitness Coaching & Exercise Planning

Getting healthy begins with proper physical activity. Our fitness coaches can help you get in better shape as you begin your journey to recovery. We’ll provide a wellness and physical fitness assessment that will guide an individualized treatment plan based on your strengths, capabilities, and goals.

Health & Mindful Dietician

You are what you eat. It is important to make nutrition a part of your plan. Our dietician will assess your needs and work with you and our chef to prescribe a diet for recovery that will emphasize nutritional health in early recovery.

24-Hour Front Desk and Concierge Service

At Urban Recovery, we treat our clients as guests and provide them with access to a concierge who can provide information and help with any issues or personal needs. People in recovery often find their diurnal and circadian rhythms out of sync. We will work with you to get your sleep/wake patterns back on track. In the meantime, our Front Desk is available 24 hours a day to help with any concerns.

In-house Private Chef

When people hit bottom, a healthy diet is often the last thing on their mind. Fortunately, it is front-and-center with our adjunctive services. Our mission is to provide a balanced healthy diet that promotes healing during recovery. We strive to provide food that is locally sourced, and our executive chef is prepared to accommodate a wide-range of dietary needs.

Wellness Services

At Urban Recovery, we want to make the road to wellness a little smoother. To this end, we can make available massage therapy, acupuncture, personal trainers, physical therapists, Pilates instructors, and other wellness modalities upon request.

Dry Cleaning

While we have an onsite laundry, we are mindful that some personal items require dry-cleaning services. These will be available upon request.

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