Posted on: September 20th, 2019

PSA: If you are suffering from addiction and alcoholism, this approach to solving your problem might not be for you. Please speak to a professional about your drinking and drug use if you feel you have a problem. There are just some of us who do not have a healthy relationship to alcohol and other substances, and even though we wish that we could just try things like this to cut down, over time this is never the case. For those who suffer from addiction, we recommend speaking to a professional and seeking treatment.

Sober Curious Movement – Sometimes, a break from drinking can do wonders. You don’t have a problem with alcohol, nor do you identify as an alcoholic. You simply want to check out sobriety—be it for a little while or a long while. You may want to try a Keto diet, or simply lay off of all things sinful and let your body detox. The thing is, you still want a community of like-minded people, but don’t necessarily need AA or treatment. It would be fun and empowering to cheer on a ‘Sober September’, or a ‘Dry July’, with others doing the same, or to focus on our health and well-being and gain insights and tips from friends—to feel as though you are not choosing this lifestyle all alone. If this sounds like you, the Sober Curious Movement might be a good fit. It relieves the pressure when it comes to choosing other options to partying, and is a great answer to the peer pressure that tries to convince us that you have to drink in order to have fun.

What is the Sober Curious Movement?

The Sober Curious Movement consists of people who are not considered to have a drinking problem, but who make the decision to be sober because it is healthier. Perhaps they are moderate or heavy drinkers for whom the shine of alcohol has worn off. Tired of hangovers and feeling crappy, they seek out other alternatives to ‘wine mom’ culture, or partying too hard. There are multitudes of individuals who have made to decision to live mostly abstinent lives, and who might have a few at a party or have limited times where they partake. The Sober Curious Movement allows for a more fluid approach to sobriety, allowing for those who do not have a drinking problem, but who wish to abstain from alcohol and other substances to create community around their lifestyle choices.

As a result of the Sober Curious Movement, there is a rise in online forums, groups and clubs that support this exact community. In this Bustle article, there is a list of such forums:

There are sober nightclubs such as Club soda NYC, run by Ruby Warrington—a well-known spokesperson for the movement. Ruby even wrote a book on the subject:

She has a podcast with such episodes as: ‘How to Party Sober’ and ‘Meditation vs Self Medication’, along with interviews with individuals about ‘their relationship with booze’ that can be found here:

The Sober Curious Movement speaks to a new generation of young people who are interested in decentralizing alcohol driven culture, replacing this impetus with healthier alternatives. There are influencers on Instagram, and an overall rebranding of a sober lifestyle, including a rise in popularity of the ‘mocktail’, a focus on yoga and meditation, and other healthy lifestyle choices. These are young people trying their hand at making sobriety cool—and it is really working. Movements like this help change the course of a heavy drinking culture, creating alternatives and dismantling the perception that there is nothing else to do but to join in drinking too.

Wellness is prevalent in our lives these days, from fitness to nutrition, we are more conscious about what we are putting into our bodies, and maintaining healthy practices to keep our bodies fit. It is not surprising that there is a turn away from overdrinking and a focus on healthier lifestyles, those making a conscious choice to engage in events and activities whose themes do not revolve around alcohol and drugs. The Sober Curious Movement is a forum where individuals may truly take a look at how alcohol fits into their lives, and to explore the benefits of abstaining.

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