Alcoholics Anonymous


Codependency Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Smart Recovery –

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration



Treating Wealthy Patients and Their Families: A Guide for Competent Psychotherapeutic Care.
Paul L. Hokemeyer

Disorders in wealthy families: Cutting them off doesn’t work.
Paul Hokemeyer, JD, PhD

Establish connection with the narcissistic patient.
by Paul L. Hokemeyer, JD, PhD

Death in the Spotlight: Why celebrities fail to get the care they need.
A conversation between Dufflyn Lammers, Director of European Services for Connections in Recovery and Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, internationally renowned expert on the treatment of addictive and mental health disorders among celebrities and elite patient populations.

Luxury Treatment: Guidelines for Culturally and Clinically Competent Care.
Paul Hokemeyer

Narcissism: The Chronic Character Pathology of Underlying Addictions.
Paul Hokemeyer

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