Black Duck Moments
by Dr. Bruce Singer

In this inspirational, honest, and accessible book, Bruce F. Singer provides a daily dose of hope to address the underlying thoughts and feelings that magnify chronic pain and suffering. Through a brilliant original metaphor for embracing wellness, he encourages us to shift our attention from the familiar and habitual “white ducks” of fear, shame, anger, and sadness to the “black ducks” of acceptance, gratitude, and compassion. Each day of the year becomes a fresh opportunity to understand our values and commit to living with purpose and passion despite pain or illness. This is a book to keep on your e-reader or nightstand to read a page a day. No matter where you start, the clear, insightful affirmations will motivate you to transform your life and find black duck moments every day.

You can find Dr. Singer’s book HERE

Praise for Black Duck Moments Every Day:

“Our lives evolve and change when we experience new things, but not if we don’t notice.  This book asks us to witness the paradigm busting exceptions that arise each and every day, hidden in plain sight. It is such a small thing but that very fact is yet another “black duck.” The seeds of life-transformation are all around you. Spend a year in a daily practice of noticing them and you cannot help but be changed for the better.”

Steven C. Hayes
Foundation Professor of Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno
Author of Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life

“At last, an entire book about an important and frequently overlooked theme: subtle can be significant.  Deep transformation can come about if you bring enough concentration, clarity, and equanimity to the often-tiny positives that are naturally available even in the midst of immense negatives.”

Shinzen Young
Author of The Science of Enlightenment

“Dr. Bruce Singer brings a wealth of experience and understanding to the complex world of chronic pain.  In Black Duck Moments Every Day, Dr. Singer provides a daily companion of comfort, strength, and encouragement for the difficult journey faced by individuals living with chronic pain—and those who care for them.”

Peter Rosenberger
Syndicated radio host
Author of Hope for The Caregiver.

“Black Duck Moments Every Day is an inspirational source of light for those living with chronic pain who feel that they are often times living in the darkness. In such a beautiful and supportive way, Bruce F. Singer provides daily affirmations to help those suffering tap into and embrace their own happiness and see beyond their condition. These black duck moments, as Bruce calls them, exist everywhere, but our pain and fear can block us from seeing what’s truly good in our lives. When we learn to tap into our own inner light, our consciousness shifts and we’re able to see and celebrate the true beauty in ourselves and the world around us. This book is an incredible companion for just that! These daily affirmations will leave you with a renewed perspective, appreciation and deep sense of compassion toward yourself and your journey of life. It’s a must-have for anyone committed to living their best life!”

Julie Santiago
The Gratitude Circle
Author of Awaken

“Black Duck Moments provide much needed relief to those whose lives have revolved around chronic pain. With uplifting perspective, Dr Singer captures the beauty of being in the moment while providing inspiration to those that suffer.”

Rokelle Lerner
Author of: Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics, Affirmations for the Inner Child and The Object of My Affection is My Reflection: Coping with Narcissists

“Bruce Singer’s daily writings in the book Black Duck Moments Every Day is from the heart and inspirational. Bruce shares his raw and inspiring story of finding, cultivating, and even creating the good moments when living with chronic illness. His deep understanding of how to manage pain by changing your actions and outlook is a must-read for those who need motivation and hope. Thank you, Bruce, for empowering patients to be engaged and make the best of life even in the worst of times.”

Barby Ingle
President, International Pain Foundation
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