Red Hook Neighbors – Quite literally

Posted on: April 5th, 2019

Red Hook District

Quick facts

Classical period red brick building - St. Michaels

St. Michael’s School, formerly a parochial school, now P.S. 516


Set against a backdrop of shipping yards and pre-Civil War warehouses in Brooklyn,

Red Hook has a laid-back seaside village vibe. Young families and creative professionals make up a large part of the community. A mix of homey eateries and quirky bars, plus edgy art galleries and boutiques proliferate along Van Brunt Street, the main artery. Several indie distilleries and a winery offer tastings and tours.

Urban Recovery (UR), which opened at 411 Van Brunt St. in January, is the only private residential treatment facility in New York City. The five-level building houses 36 inpatient beds (including six detox-specific), and provides private inpatient and residential treatment for a variety of conditions, with a primary emphasis on substance use disorders.

We walked down the block to find out what exactly is going on in their brand-new building.

“In a world that’s become defined by division, we’ve created a community here in Brooklyn that’s based on the healing power of human connection. Yes, we have effective clinical tools, but the system in which these tools are delivered to the human beings and families who trust us with their challenges are different from the systems found in other, larger, more remotely located facilities. Our delivery system is intimate and nimble. It provides a physical and emotional frame within which our clients can tap into their power to engage in not only reparative and curative outcomes, but to optimize their functioning in the world.”

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