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Addictive and mental health disorders thrive in isolation and are cured in reparative relationships with other human beings. At the heart of this repair is processing the stress, disappointment, shame, guilt and legions of other negative consequences that come when a person suffers from an addictive disorder in the safe, contained frame of the treatment setting. For some people this is a process they embrace with enthusiasm and gusto. For others, there’s significant resistance and even a refusal to bringing in family and other significant members into the treatment process. At Urban Recovery, we meet you where you are and provide you with the tools, clinical and peer support to sort out the complexity of your feelings towards the significant people in your lives and tailor a family support program that reflects who you are, who is important to you, and what outcomes will serve your long term recovery.

Benefits of family and relational therapy have been empirically shown to promote successful problem solving, communication and understanding within the family system, a system that has been fractured by behavioral and mental health issues. At Urban Recovery, we’ve assembled an internationally renowned team of relational therapists who can help you and your family address issues such as infidelity, internet pornography use, narcissism, malignant narcissism, sexless marriages, sexuality, betrayal, toxic shame and pathological blaming, entitlement, failure to launch, wealth transfer issues and pending, current and post divorce issues.

Substance use and psychiatric disorders don’t just affect the “identified patient” but wreak dysfunctional havoc on the entire family. Family, friends, and colleagues need to learn how to deal with the emotional pain caused by addictive or illness-focused behaviors, and often need their own forum for recovery. When you are ready to address these issues, Urban Recovery is there to provide you with the guidance, support and tools you need to need to clean up the damage of the disease, to work through chronic problems that have pulled down the functioning of your family and propel it to a higher, more rewarding level of functioning.

Urban Recovery provides the highest level of family support and therapy that utilizes family therapy experts who understand the impact that addiction and mental illness has had on healthy family functioning. Our location in one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in Brooklyn allows us to offer a safe place for families to heal, reconnect, and interact through health rather than illness while taking time to reconnect through the best cultural, hospitality and culinary opportunities in the world.

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