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Your decision to consider residential treatment is one step in what will be a multistep recovery process. Once you’ve taken action on that decision to enter one of the residential programs at UR be it for detox, a 10 day assessment or a longer length of stay, you’ll experience a host of emotions that will range from relief and hope to uncertainty and self doubt. Know that in this process you are not alone. Nearly everyone who walks through our doors has been confronted with these often intense and conflicting emotions.

Our staff at UR is trained to help you manage and work through these reactions to find your unique place and personal rhythm in a recovery trajectory that together we will co-create. It will take you a few 24 hours to settle in, but once settled you will be given interpersonal insights and tools, top rate medical care, fitness and nutritional care and other services tailored to your unique needs, personality and life circumstances.

What To Expect

Simultaneously, while you’re working with our clinical team you’ll be settling in with and learning from a community of your treatment peers, fellow journey people who’ve decided to maximize their well-being with us at UR. These people will become some of your closest friends and trusted advisors for the rest of your life.

And while you are getting settled in and oriented to the journey that lies ahead, we’ll be planning for your discharge. For just as your inpatient treatment plan needs to be individually tailored for you and your unique circumstances, so does your care after you leave our facility.

For this reason, every client we treat at UR has a rigorous and clinically grounded treatment plan that addresses their care after they leave the residential treatment frame. Towards this end we will be coordinating with your pre treatment team to place you back in their care. We’ll be working with your family to ensure your transition back is conflict and stress free. We can even coordinate logistics with your employer, your university or your business associates and partners.

Where necessary, we’ll be crafting a new team that will support and enhance your recovery journey as you head back into your careers, your relationships, your families, your friends, and the things that give your life meaning, joy and purpose.

We know how much you value success in everything you do, and we are here to help you reach your life goals long after your residential stay with us has ended.

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