10-Day Intensive Assessment Program

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Behavioral health issues are complex and require a proper assessment and course of action. Many people who suffer from a variety of addictive disorders and mental health issues lead highly successful lives. They’re at the top of their profession, successful entrepreneurs who’ve attained enormous success against great odds, household names and storied celebrities. And yet, in the shadows of their success, they struggle under the destructive weight of behavioral health issues that include alcoholism, addiction to prescription drugs including Ambien, Oxycontin, Xanax, addiction to street drugs including cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and legalized marijuana. They find that the anti anxiety or anti depressant medications including Prozac, Lexapro, Wellbutrin they have been prescribed by their concierge, primary care physician or psychiatrist no longer give them the relief they once did. They are struggling with physical health issues, diabetes, cardiovascular issues including high blood pressure (hypertension) and knee, back and other joint pain. In addition to these physical issues, their interpersonal relationships are beginning to become frayed. They may be involved or have had an infidelity in their primary relationship or marriage discovered. Their wives, husbands, children or business associates may have given them an ultimatum. “Stop your current behavior and change or there will be harsh consequences.” More frequently than not, these issues present as a mélange, interwoven into the fabric of the person’s life.

In these cases, diagnosis and assessment will take longer than a single interview and a 72-hour, medically assisted detoxification protocol. A more effective and cost effective strategy is to address them in a comprehensive a 10-day intensive program wherein you will receive a comprehensive medical assessment, an in depth psychological assessment, nutritional evaluation and planning, relational assessment and overall stabilization. At the end of this period, you will have a clear and articulated plan of action that you can implement in the next stage of your recovery either at Urban Recovery, at a vetted and more appropriate facility or back in the commerce of your life. No one discharges UR without a comprehensive treatment plan and a clear understanding of the next steps in recovery.

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