Friends of Urban Recovery – Heather Hayes

Posted on: October 1st, 2019
Friends of Urban Recovery Heather Hayes
Friends of Urban Recovery Heather Hayes

“I am honored to have colleagues who share this passion and help bring state of the art, ethical, evidence-based bespoke treatment like the team at Urban Recovery! Denise Bertin-Epp brings years of experience, creativity, and brilliance together in a dynamic Brooklyn neighborhood where individuals and families can heal.” Heather 

About Heather

Heather Hayes, founder of Heather R. Hayes & Associates, holds a Masters of Education (M.ED) from Antioch University, is a Licensed Counselor, and Board Registered Interventionist (CIP). Heather uses her 35+ years of experience to help adolescents/young adults and individuals suffering from trauma, complex mental health issues, and addictive disorders across the spectrum.

While Recovery Month is a yearly reminder that we are fighting an addiction epidemic in the U.S., unless the treatment community is vigilant about fighting to raise awareness, ethics, and access to quality care 24/7/365, we simply won’t cover the ground we need to. Join me and those committed to change as we fight the good fight in September and everything month thereafter. 

Heather R. Hayes & Associates
Heather R. Hayes & Associates

About Urban Recovery

Urban Recovery is a facility based on the vision of delivering recovery from the best place and the perfect location. Being in the center of New York City, in Brooklyn in the Redhook area and close to three major international airports: (LGA) LaGuardia Airport, (JFK) Kennedy, (EWR)Newark Airport affords easy access to international clients from all corners of the world and their families. Inquiries from cities all over the world like: Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Miami, Florida, Michigan, Canada and the UK and call in with a direct link from Urban Recovery website.

Urban Recovery has developed a signature model for wellness that is unparalleled in the industry. In fact, UR is the only private, free-standing residential treatment center in New York City. Our approach combines an internationally-recognized treatment team of clinical, administration and recovery management professionals who know how to provide a high-end experience and facility to support a residential substance and alcohol treatment.

Whether you come from across the world or across the river, UR will work with you and your trusted providers that can help you make a healthy, successful, and stable transition back to your life.

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