Relationship Issues

While relational work is central to long term recovery, traditional treatment programs fail to utilize the tools inherent in it to maximize family relationships and outcomes.

At Urban Recovery, we utilize an integrated family system approach to address the complex and destructive relational patterns caused by addictive disorders to bring about positive change for the entire family. We also recognize that modern families and relationships manifest in a variety of expressions and honor the diversity of these dynamic paradigms.

Family therapy at Urban Recovery rests on the systems perspective, and we place it on par with individual therapy.

We understand that our clients experience a combination of substance and behavioral issues that compromise the integrity of their intimate relationships. Often, these manifest through infidelity and a mélange of issues related to sexual expression and functioning. Clinically competent and culturally relevant care demands these issues be addressed as part of a core treatment protocol. We utilize experienced family and marriage therapists in consultation with a team of senior clinical advisors to move our clients in a reparative direction.

The Process at Urban Recovery

During your time at Urban Recovery, we work on acceptance of self, acceptance of the past and identification of what matters most. You will get to work with our consultants, therapists, psychiatrists, dieticians, physical trainers and more to assist you in getting back to your healthy state. We are going to help move from understanding the gravity of the behavior to a recovery path that may include residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and therapy. Our team will also conduct deep immersion therapy where we visit your home, work, place of leisure and more to work on the trigger points. We develop a post discharge plan, or aftercare plan, to ensure you are well equipped with behavioral exercises to implement once you go back home.

Every person and every family is unique. We understand the story of the family and the story of the individual to try and re-envision the family story together.

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