Urban Recovery is staffed by top medical and clinical professionals who provide you with a level of care that uses state-of-the-art medical protocols, evidence-based treatments, therapy and best practices. When you stay at our brand new treatment center in Red Hook, Brooklyn, you will receive the quality care you need for your condition while living in a luxurious residential suite. Urban Recovery welcomes guests from across the nation and internationally to receive top-care for their dollar. That’s why Urban Recovery is proud to be the only private, free-standing residential treatment center in New York City.

Conditions We Treat

Below is a list of all the conditions we treat:
– Alcohol Addiction
– Amphetamines Addiction
– Anxiety Disorders
– Barbiturates Addiction
– Benzodiazepines Addiction
– Cannabis Addiction
– Cocaine Addiction
– Codependence
– Dual Diagnosis
– Gambling & Gaming Disorders
– Grief Issues
– Opioid Addiction
– Relationship Issues

Based on the conditions we treat, we realized that their isn’t a recovery size that fits all. At Urban Recovery, we follow best practices for relapse prevention and tailor our treatment plans around our client’s condition, using the modalities we believe will give them the best chance for sustained recovery. We review each person’s family history of addiction, their history of relapsing, the extent and severity of their use, what methods have been used to help them in the past, their internal motivation, and their support systems before making any decisions on what might be most helpful for them. We respect an abstinence-based approach and we see the validity of MAT. Take a look at the Therapies and Services we offer.

Our goal is to utilize shared-decision making between our medical and clinical team. Each client is to design and implement an individual condition treatment plan that meets their needs and strives for a healthy and lasting recovery. We treat each condition with an individualized treatment plan to ensure an efficient process and smooth transition. 

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