The risk of codependence with a person who has an active substance use disorder is nearly universal. It is a well-understood side-effect of substance use or addiction that can destroy previously healthy relationships. A sure sign of a codependent relationship is when the person who isn’t using focuses an increasing amount of time and energy on the “identified patient” while neglecting their own needs and self-care. We call this “enabling” and not only is it a source of guilt, shame and escalating resentments, it is damaging to the health of the enabler.

At UR we know that

  • You did not cause the problem.
  • You can’t control it.
  • You can’t cure it.

We want to work with families as closely as possible to break the codependence cycle and “re-set” the family thermoset through therapy and education.

Our team of world-renowned therapists and psychiatrists will work diligently with our clients to get to the root cause of behavioral addiction. Similar to substance addiction, the instant gratification associated with gambling, gaming, codependence and other conditions releases dopamine in the brain that if depleted, can cause withdrawals and self-destructive behavior. At Urban Recovery, we provide a safe place and customized treatment plans to remove oneself from their addictive behaviors.

Every person and every family is unique. We understand the story of the family and the story of the individual to try and re-envision the family story together. It is important to not only take care of the person struggling, but to also take care of ones self throughout the treatment process.

Remember, the opposite of codependence is not independence, it is healthy interdependence in which mutual respect leads to individual responsibility within a supportive and loving environment.

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