The risk of codependence with a person who has an active substance use disorder is nearly universal, and a well-understood side-effect of substance use or addiction that can destroy previously healthy relationships. A sure sign of a codependent relationship is when the person who isn’t using focuses an increasing amount of time and energy on the “identified patient” while neglecting their own needs and self-care. We call this “enabling” and not only is it a source of guilt, shame, and escalating resentments, it is damaging to the health of the enabler.

At UR we know that

  • You did not cause the problem
  • You can’t control it
  • You can’t cure it

We want to work with families as closely as possible to break the codependence cycle and “re-set” the family thermoset through therapy and education.

Remember, the opposite of codependence is not independence, it is healthy interdependence in which mutual respect leads to individual responsibility within a supportive and loving environment.

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