You know the signs of an alcohol use disorder but there are four essential questions you need to answer:

Do you struggle to control your drinking?

Do you crave alcohol when you’re not drinking?

Do you put consumption of alcohol above your personal and professional responsibilities?

Are you unable to stop drinking once you begin?

All of these are the “red flags” of a condition that crosses every demographic and causes good people – and the ones they love – unimaginable suffering.

You know what it’s like to make the tough decisions. Now is the time to make the right one for you.

Entering treatment at UR, you begin a detoxification process to clean the slate of addiction in preparation for the recovery to come. Under the supervision of our Medical Director and round-the-clock nursing staff, you will have the time you need to get up off your knees, stand up, and face your life with sobriety. Read about How To Relax Without A Sip Of Alcohol over on our blog.

Now is the time to put your strengths into what really matters: You and your recovery.

  • We’ll help you with individual and group therapy, and with experiential real-world exposure to the triggers that bring on your relapses.
  • We’ll look beneath the symptoms for the root causes and work with you to gain insight and make changes.
  • We’ll coordinate after-care with the best people at the best places. That’s what comprehensive treatment means to us.

Read more on The Effects of Alcohol on Your Body and how you can become a part of the SOBER CURIOUS MOVEMENT in our latest blog. If you are a woman seeking recovery, you may also be interested in How women are impacted by alcoholism in ways that are different from men.

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