Behavioral Disorders

Clinical and Psychiatric Treatment

Our team of world-renowned therapists and psychiatrists will work diligently with our clients to get to the root cause of behavioral addiction. Similar to substance addiction, the instant gratification associated with gambling, gaming, codependence and other conditions releases dopamine in the brain that if depleted, can cause withdrawals and self-destructive behavior. At Urban Recovery, we provide a safe place and customized treatment plan to remove oneself from their addictive behaviors.

We treat the following behavioral disorders at our Red Hook, Brooklyn location (click on each to learn more):

What To Expect

When you come to Urban Recovery, you will undergo a 10-day assessment to understand the root cause of your addictive behaviors. With our team, you will discuss the impacts this behavior has had on yourself and your family and how it can impact your future if the behavior persists. We are going to help move from understanding the gravity of the behavior to a recovery path that may include residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and therapy. Our team will also conduct deep immersion therapy where we visit your home, work, place of leisure and more to work on the trigger points. We develop a post discharge plan, or aftercare plan, to ensure you are well equipped with behavioral exercises to implement once you go back home.

During your time at Urban Recovery, we work on acceptance of self, acceptance of the past and identification of what matters most. You will get to work with our consultants, therapists, psychiatrists, dieticians, physical trainers and more to assist you in getting back to your healthy state.

We also encourage your family to work with you on your path to recovery. Family will often talk with our psychiatrists to better understand the behavioral disorder and mental health issues their loved one may be facing.

Every person and every family is unique. We understand the story of the family and the story of the individual to try and re-envision the family story together.

To take control of your life from your behavioral addiction, contact us to speak with a member of our leadership team.

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