Learn about our successes with our client testimonials. It is so compelling to hear back from clients that have gone through treatment.

A Mother’s Testimonial:

Dear Denise and the entire recovery team,

We are tremendously grateful to you and your team for all that you have done for our daughter L. and our family.  From the moment I spoke with you Denise, I felt your compassion for our situation.  All along these last several weeks, you all went way beyond our expectations!  We’ve been to many high- end treatment centers and NONE, I mean NONE can hold a candle to Urban.

The consistent degree of commitment from your staff was remarkable.  Everyone we met seemed to have a sincere desire to listen and help us.  I have a special place in my heart for Jared.  He was incredibly communicative, honest and supportive to me.  His realism and positivity truly helped me to put some things in perspective in ways that I hadn’t considered before.  As for L, I believe her time with Urban has provided another dimension to her road to recovery that seems so much more hopeful. She seems so much stronger in her ability to utilize the many tools and strategies that you all offered her.  Your program is very, very special. I cannot believe you got her to quit smoking!  Miracles happen at Urban. Please know it would be my pleasure and honor to speak with other families that are considering taking their loved ones to Urban – it’s the best decision they can make. 

Many, Many thanks and I’ll be praying for the Urban Team always,

Danielle – Client Testimonial

Dear Denise,

Oh my, where to begin.  There’s no way I can fairly express how much this program and you personally have meant to me and impacted the course of my life.  As the propellant force behind this facility, I have such admiration – from the philosophy to the building structure itself, your meticulous attention to detail is beyond evident.  You crafted the ultimate A-team of therapists, clinicians, nurses and staff.  I’ve never trusted a group of people with such certainty – such is the testament to the quality of care.  I felt safe to do so and I was not disappointed. 

I want to thank you for all of your support, kindness and patience.  From our first walk together until my last week and your idea of a fabulous transition plan for me, I truly cannot express how much you’ve meant to me and my future.  Your energy is one of a kind and you light up every room you enter, no matter how drab the existing energy may have been!  I’ve never had such personal interactions with a person in your position, let alone getting to know you and receiving the bright light you emanate.  I’m grateful for this and I’m going to incorporate this into my company if I can.  I look forward to a future of so many amazing things and for you and UR to be a large part of it.  Can’t wait for the alumni events!  Thank you for everything!  For giving me hope, clarity, motivation, compassion, and me back!  This experience will be held close in my heart forever! 

All the best Alicia – Client Testimonial

Dear Manny,

The words you’ve said to me over this tenure have given me the strength and courage in ME!  Love when you told me the resistance we fight in life can only bring strong character.  Thank you and I”ll remember you and your direct, caring approach! 

Jacob K – Client Testimonial

Dear Dr. Bruce,

First and foremost thanks for putting up with me when I first came to Urban.  I know my executive entitlement made me a real SOB to deal with and somehow you didn’t mind!  You continued to help me and I’ll always remember “ Response – Able.”  I want to express my sincere gratitude for teaching me mindfulness and for your sincere insight into my illness and life issues.  I still believe if more medical professionals bought into mindfulness rather than prescribing medications, less of us would be addicted.  You’re a brilliant man and ahead of your time in so many ways. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Matthew – Client Testimonial

Dear Miss Awad,

You always know how to make me feel better deep in my heart.  Your dedication to me and all of the other clients and their care is unmatched!  I’ll always put my hand over my heart and remember your many stories of grace and gratitude.  Than you so much for being such an intelligent, kind soul! 

Love you, James – Client Testimonial

Dear Father Tom,

Your spirituality sessions were the best I’ve ever attended in my almost 60 years!  Your gentle ways made me open my mind to be present for kind things in life, and a willingness to explore a possible prayer life now – I certainly need it.  You made me think about how lonely I was when I was drinking.  I really look forward to my early days of recovery and keeping this peaceful, spiritual space I’ve been awakened to during my time with you. I wish it could continue on… I’ll see you at the alumni events. 

Shalom my wise and peaceful friend, Erin

Dear Dr. Kim

My times you spent with me in my time of crisis are of the highest value!  You have so, so many admirable traits that I love.  You model a very successful and happy sober life.  Your medical assessments are always spot on and honest, even when I don’t want to hear them.  You somehow helped me to see I really don’t want to drink myself to death! Thank you for being the best addiction doctor at the best treatment center in the world!

Client Testimonial

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