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Our philosophy at Urban Recovery is built around a wellness model that is unparalleled in the industry. We are an internationally-recognized team of clinical, administration and management professionals who know how to provide a high-end treatment experience.

Our philosophy is evident in everything we do. We provide the highest caliber of addiction treatment that focuses on individualized care set in a custom clinical setting. We place you at the center of treatment, and our team coordinates its efforts with you to develop a personalized program. Together we develop goals in treatment and after treatment that support recovery, self-efficacy and an improved quality of life.

  • signature model for wellness
  • private
  • individual care
  • unique / personalized

Excellence is our philosophy. We want you to reconnect with what matters most to you. If you have lost touch with your spirituality, we’ll engage you in a process of rediscovery that includes counseling, mindfulness, art and experiential modalities. With work stress, we’ll support your efforts to clear away the clutter, the impediments, and the distractions that keep you from being the industry leader that you know you are. And we do all this with support from a distinguished medical and psychiatric team that employs best practices in all its protocols.

UR is not for those with acute psychiatric problems, active sexual addictions, or primary chronic pain or illness.

Whether you stay with us for 5 days or 28 days, we offer care and coordination to take you from admission to stabilization to recovery and return to your life. And all of this is done to the highest standards of care in a safe community.

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